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High-Quality Wholesale Motorcycle Parts

Since its establishment in 2003, CBF has positioned itself as an industry leader in smart sourcing of replacement motorcycle parts wholesale in China. From efficient sourcing of genuine replacement parts to making custom aftermarket parts, we are constantly improving and seeking innovative ways to meet client demands.

Utilizing our years of industry experience and continuous research and development, we continue to introduce fresh and innovative motorcycle parts to the market. This line has not only increased the value of our brand but also provides our clients with high-quality and affordable parts they can rely on.

Where CBF Does Things Better

  • Strict Quality Control


    All motorcycle parts wholesale produced in strong factories and sourced undergo rigorous quality control inspections to ensure that they match global standards. Our experienced technical staff is constantly updated with the latest sourcing benchmarks, further improving the quality and competency of our motorcycle parts.

  • Large Logistics Center


    Inventory in our central logistics facility is routinely monitored through a central management system, making sure we have the proper stock to meet client demands. This allows for efficient sourcing and faster shipping, thus reducing wait time and creating better customer experiences.

  • Deep Expertise


    With over 17 years in the industry, CBF has made a mark for sourcing high-quality motorcycle parts wholesale. Our expansive experience in the business has given us the resources to maintain the consistency of our products while providing innovative motorcycle parts solutions.

  • Vision

    To be the one-stop source in exceptional motorcycle parts and reliable service to the market, while providing clients and dealers the needed leverage to improve their business.

  • Mission

    To deliver unmatched customer experiences through our consistent drive for innovative motorcycle parts, unmatched support, and cost-effective solutions.

A Passionate and Inspirational Team

At the center of our production is our dedicated team of professionals that works with our clients tireless to provide world-class motorcycle parts and service. Each member of our team is committed to bringing their expertise and talents to the table to elevate product quality and customer satisfaction.


One-Stop Showroom

Take a tour at our fully-equipped showroom, where we have our best motorcycle parts wholesale available for your perusal.

Hear What Our Valuable Customers Say

  • We choose AnnStar parts a number of reasons but mainly because CBF listens to technical feedback from installers. The service we received on this project, from the proposed motorcycle parts design to technical advice, was excellent.

    Arthur Grady, Wholesaler
  • Thanks for AnnStar to help me to built our business step by step from zero. From choosing, checking, purchasing, testing and delivering the products line, all is convenient and safe to me. It help me a lot and is my great partner.

    Peter, Wholesaler

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