CNC Machined Parts

Superior CNC Made Motorcycle Parts

CBF is partnered with factories utilizing CNC machines that can produce parts with superior accuracy and precision. These factories have experienced craftsmen who utilizes advanced 3D CAD/CAM software to create custom parts for various vehicle manufacturers. Our sourcing capabilities allow you to bring any custom motorcycle parts into reality.


Customizable Elements of The Motorcycle


Custom Braking Parts

The braking component is an important aspect of any motorcycle in regards to safety and its performance. Through CNC machine production, we can source brake parts that are compatible with various motorcycle models. We can also help you find factories that can design parts for optimized braking capacities for performance vehicles.


Custom Electrical Parts

The wiring and other electrical parts are responsible for powering various functions of the motorcycle such as its radio and lighting. We can source CNC machined electrical components that can achieve better electricity conduction to reduce power consumption. Each CNC made wiring and other power components also have a longer service life.


Custom Engine & Transmission

Through the CNC fabrication of various engine & transmission parts, we can complete large quantity orders with a short lead-time. Each of these aftermarket parts is designed to be compatible with various motorcycle models. All of our CNC machined electrical engine & transmission parts can achieve the same or better optimum mechanical power as the original components.


Custom Frame & Body

CNC machined frame & body components make it possible to create motorcycles with a unique design aesthetic. The precision and accuracy of all CNC equipment allow for highly personalized parts that will make any vehicle stand out from other models. We can also find designers who can create a frame & body that optimizes a motorcycles aerodynamic performance.


Custom Lighting

CBF can find highly skinned designers who can design CNC machined lighting components that add a unique aesthetic detail to any motorcycle. You can even find parts made through a CNC process that can provide superior lighting capabilities than original parts, improving the safety quality of your customers’ motorcycles to garner their trust.


Custom Handling & Suspension

Our sourced CNC handling & suspension components provide riders with superior control and driving performance. Through our sourcing capabilities, we can connect you with manufacturers who can produce parts for discontinued or specialty models. We also help you accommodate motorcycle enthusiasts looking to create their motorcycle designs with customized handling & suspension parts. OK

Custom Aesthetic Parts

The main advantage of CNC machines is to create personalized parts that are not found in any retail store, allowing for outstanding motorcycle designs that are high in demand among many target markets. CBF can connect you with professional designers who can accurately turn the specifications of your custom motorcycle parts into workable components.


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