Allows Your Brand to Stand Out

High Market Impact with Creative Design

Our custom packaging can give you the edge in the market by making it easy for potential buyers to identify the parts they require. CBF has a team of professional designers who will also work closely with you in showcasing your company identity through the packaging to drive your brand.

Creative Ideas from Professional Designers

Complete Packaging Options

CBF offers a variety of color, material, and packaging methods such as bag, paper card, carton, iron box, and much more. The vast range of options allows you to find one that suits your branding image such as sustainable or recycled materials for a green packaging solution.

  • Engine, Transimission & Braking
  • Electrical & Accessories
  • Engine Parts

  • Transimission Parts

  • Braking Parts

  • Electricals

  • Filters

  • Mirrors

Hassle-Free Custom Packaging Process

  • 01 Provide Your Packaging Concept

    Send us a rough sketch or specifications for your packaging such as your budget limit and material to use.

  • 02 Connect with Design Experts

    CBF finds the right designer who can bring your packaging design to reality. They will provide consultation and feedback on different parts of your custom packaging.

  • 03 Manufacturing of Packaging

    We send the finalized and approved design of your custom packaging through our specialized workshop.

  • 04 Inclusion of Parts

    Your orders are placed in your custom packaging and are thoroughly inspected before shipping them out.

Get All Your Custom Motorcycle Parts from 1 Supplier.

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