Quality Assurance

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For 17 years, we have provided quality spare parts that are tested in our complete QC workshop manned by experienced staff.


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Our Quality Cycle

To enhance the strength of our parts, we process them through our comprehensive design, customization and quality control at every stage.


Design & Development

Consult with us and our R&D department will provide professional advice to improve your concept. The three-dimensional diagram our designers create provides the precision of the parts to ensure they can be manufactured as expected.


Sample Checking before Mass Production

All samples undergo long-distance durability testing and quality inspections before our parts are mass produced. We complete customization of our samples to ensure that they match your ideas and standards. Collecting data on any issues discovered ensures functionality of our parts.


Strict QC before Delivery

In ensuring consistent quality, various tests are applied to determine the maximum performance and service life of our motorcycle parts. Through fatigue, mechanical and other testing processes, we check for their durability to measure their capabilities under rough conditions.


Product Analysis & Quality Improvement

A combination of previous feedback and customer consultation help us provide measures to resolve quality issues. We work closely with our R&D team and network of manufacturers to find ways to improve the quality and performance of our parts.

Complete Equipment

The latest equipment allows us to check every part for their capabilities, size, strength and durability to secure high quality assurance.

Strict Quality Control from CBF’s Labs

We handle a thorough quality control process in every step to ensure high performance for all parts.

Quick Responce to Quality Issues

If any parts collide during shipping, we will send free replacement parts and reduce costs on your end. For any damages within short periods, we offer affordable replacements and lower the cost for your next order to reduce any hassles.


Trainings on Quality Management

To improve your quality management skills in your business, we offer classes and training sessions handled by our quality control experts. We follow regulations and international standards to educate your staff to ensure you can distribute consistently high-end products.


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